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Hmmmm. What to say....

I've been making efforts to get a solid online business established since the 90's with great enthusiasm but also with a lot of inconsistency. That burning desire to create multiple streams of passive income had me hooked from the moment I got wind of the concept but over 20+ years later and I don't know how many thousands and thousands of dollars spent, those streams have eluded me.

So now that I'm a bit older and am more comfortable being real with myself, I've been taking a hard look at what that's all about. Why all the failures?

Since I no longer play the blame game, toward others or myself, I've had to take on a different approach as to how to move beyond the failures.

For starters, I think the "being real" thing is a big key. This is what I'm thinking at this point; no matter how excellent an offering, opportunity or money-making system might be, if I am missing from the equation it is not going to work. If there is no genuine Barbara in the mix, it ain't happening.

Another thing that is pretty important is using some common sense and wisdom when looking at money-making systems and strategies online. (I still need a lot of work on this one). There are so many delicious and tantalizing offerings it's just plain hard to not be overwhelmed.

Now, this leads me to how I got here.

I was looking at a potentially profitable money-making system and was about ready to push the "Buy Now" button, when I actually stopped and let wisdom whisper in my ear. (That is a rare occasion for me).

Since the program I was investigating was so new I looked up reviews on possible similar systems.

That's when I came across Robert Prescott's site. (I have not met you Robert and I hope it's ok that I mention you here). When I read Robert's honest review, the fishing line was severed and I was freed from the hook.

What a refreshing experience to hear the honesty. Perhaps that prodded me to be more genuine myself. I don't think I've ever written this way (honestly) in a group setting like this.

So, thanks Robert!!

It is in the wee hours of the morning so I will stop writing now. I look forward to some good learning and some good earning with the folks here.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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Money Goals
Money I would be happy earning
I would be happy to earn at least $100,000 a year
Money I would be ecstatic earning
I would be ecstatic to earn $500,000+ annually
Time I'm willing to invest to achieve my goals
As much time as it takes!
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Mar 30, 2017
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barbarawill Premium
How much money would you be happy earning?
I would be happy to earn at least $100,000 a year

How much would you be ecstatic earning?
I would be ecstatic to earn $500,000+ annually

And how much time are you willing to invest to achieve these goals?
As much time as it takes!
divadejunk Premium
Wonderful goals, Barbara. Congratulations on upgrading to Premium. You made a very wise decision and investment in your future success. I wish you all the best.
boomergp08 Premium
Here at Wealthy Affiliate the learning process is fun and engaging and before you know it, you have a fully functional website up and running. Then you build up and upon that foundation to form your new website business. All of the steps to make it work and make it work correctly are all right here at WA Barbara.

Between the training, the resources, the over the top help, and some elbow grease in the form of work, you will eventually be able to achieve those goals of yours. Then it will be time to set your goals higher. - Many blessings to you here at WA as you continue on your journey to financial freedom in your own online business.
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aqnc2001 Premium
Welcome to premium you won't be disappointed. Just take your time and learn everything you can.
viyee Premium
Hi Barbara, Thank you for the follow! Welcome to WA. You have all the tools and support you need to grow a successful business online! I wish you all the best!
Karax Premium
Hello and welcome to WA. Congrats on going premium! Best Wishes, Asen
barbarawill Premium
Thanks Asen. Looking forward to making some real progress here. It seems like there are a lot of awesome folks here and that always makes a journey a lot more pleasant.

Have a great day today,

boomergp08 Premium
Hello Barbara, Robert here. It is perfectly okay for you to use my name in your profile description and judging by your writing style I feel you will do just fine with your website content.

I am happy my website was able to help you to find the best way I have ever come across for earning money online - the RIGHT way. There are so many exciting offers online for making money but unfortunately many are either scams or too hard to achieve.

No one needs or should have to spend thousands of dollars just to develop passive streams of income online. However everyone must invest a lot of time into the education portion of how to correctly begin and operate.

Building an online business is no different than a brick and mortar business with the exception of one, maybe two things. One, it will not cost you as much money to build your business. Two, you can see earnings quicker because your market is the internet.

But before all of that passive income can come rolling in you must learn how to build a solid foundation for which your business will be built on top of, just like a glorious skyscraper.

Absolutely EVERYTHING, except your own determination, is included here within Wealthy Affiliate. You will not need to go anywhere else to build your future financial success. This is why I LOVE WA.

When you can utilize all that is offered here, apply the easy training, ask questions whenever you have them, and stay focused for the long haul, you will eventually start to see the pieces of the puzzle fall into place.

Financial success does not come quickly but IT DOES come to those who keep learning, applying and developing their online business. Everyone reaches their goals at different times because everyone works at different levels of ability.

Try not to let the make money aspect of passive income streams cloud the common sense logic of first building that online foundation of knowledge. Focus on that and the money will surely follow.

barbarawill Premium
Hey Robert

I am so happy (an understatement) that I found your review. I am looking forward to being here and I look forward to working with you.

boomergp08 Premium
Just out of curiosity, which review was it that you found my website from?
boomergp08 Premium
Hello Barbara and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate! My name is Robert, call sign boomergp08, and I'm here to help you with your learning experience.

I think I know how you feel, starting something new and wondering if it is going to work out. This is how I felt when I started and I am extremely happy to say that joining Wealthy Affiliate has been a blessing!

I am here for you Barbara should you have any questions, so please don't hesitate to ask me. Just click the "Reply" button below and I will be notified of your question.

In fact you can ask any other member here at Wealthy Affiliate any question you have. Everyone is quite friendly and because of this very helping community of 190,000+ members from all over the world, it makes the learning process so much easier.

As a new member here you should check out the Online Entrepreneur Certification Getting Started Course (Level 1). You are absolutely going to LOVE IT! I know I did and so many other members have too!

All of the training here are task-based text and video tutorial lessons, which makes the learning process super EASY!

Don’t worry, nothing here requires any kind of programming or experience.

Below is the link for you to get started. HOW TO CLAIM YOUR BONUS
Though you can stay a Free Starter member for as long as you like, if you want to receive a college-like education in everything needed for building, hosting, and growing a thriving online business, the Premium membership will give you a hundred times more than what you are getting now.

If you join the Premium membership within the first 7 days, here are some bonuses that you will receive.

1) You are going to get a 62% discount on your first month of Premium membership (for ONLY $19).

2) You will not only get personal and private access to me but to BOTH of the owners Kyle & Carson. YES, both of the owners of Wealthy Affiliate are available daily to take and answer your questions.


Just leave me a message on my Profile page. Remember to use my call sign boomergp08 when doing a search for me in the search bar at the top of every page on this website. Here is the link to my Profile.


So once again, welcome to Wealthy Affiliate Barbara! Your financial future starts as soon as you get rolling.

I look forward to working with you,
Robert - boomergp08