I've Been Approached and Propositioned

Last Update: December 11, 2019

Yes, yes - I know I am old and past my "best by" date but it is true - I have been approached and propsitioned and ...

I Need Your Advice

I have no idea how but someone found me hiding deep within the Internet and has approached me with the following proposition:

"I was doing a bit of research around (subject of one of my articles) and came across your article here and noticed that you've shared some great insight and resources on (subject and my niche) to start their business and career in (subject).

We've recently published a comprehensive guide on (subject) to read here: (Link to their guide)

I thought that our resources would make a great addition to your article and provide immense value to you and your readers.

We understand it can take some time to add new links, so we’re happy to make it worth your while by paying a small fee, writing some content for your blog or placing a reciprocal link in one of our posts."

Do I say "Yes"?

It sounds like an opportunity to take advantage of but do I say Yes and if so ...

  • To what part of their proposition?
  • For how much - assuming I take the "small fee"
  • Or is an article and back links a better bet.

Check Them Out

They look like a legit and large organisation - how do I check and make sure I won't negatively impact my site with links to them.

They specialise in creating websites with online galleries for what they call 'creators' such as artists, photographers, designers as well as online shops, ecommerce and blogs etc.

In a way a slice of what WA teaches us to do only they do it for their customers.

Any and all Advice Welcome ...

I await your sage advice with great impatience ... GO!

AKA Bald Eagle

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bill808 Premium Plus
I have fallen for all to many of these offers, they are always followed by a series of upsells need to make them "function at top value"

My theme allows me to create galleries I control. it sounds like they want to write content for you, Jay says when you need to outsource content writing, you find the keyword and provide your author with the key talking points you want to include in the article. Your author must understand Jay's seven-point process for SEO. Then you edit and approve the authors draft article before it is posted.

The short answer to your question, Ignore them. Follow the training you get here at WA. When you decide to outource you will know what your contractor must do and you will stay in control.

People making these offers are looking for people who don't know what they are doing and almost always offer to provide a subset of what we learn here at WA.
TheCatherine Premium Plus
Ita not a product its media buyer
1Summer Premium
Delaware is the incorporation state of the nation, meaning many businesses register or incorporate in Delaware without necessarily having a physical presence there...

I would outright say no thanks our business partners will not allow us to do this...

But that is just my personal preference...

My suggestion is that you consult this situation with an attorney, he or she can guide you on what to look for and how to protect yourself from unforeseen and unknown liabilities and conflicts of interests!

Best of luck!
ThomasPaul Premium Plus
If you do it I would just have the standard disclaimer that you may receive income. I would try to get some sort of agreement that you’re able to remove the links without forfeiting anything they paid you should you discover they are doing nefarious things with their site such as malware.
NWTDennis Premium
It does sound risky, as everyone here has said so far. Hopefully someone in the community can give you some advice from their own hands on experience with this organization.

Is this really consistent with your site plans or is it a diversion? Years ago I worked with a guy who had a saying ... don't get wrapped around the axle. That would be my caution. Don't get wrapped around the axle on this one.

Great image ... certainly caught my eye.
TheCatherine Premium Plus
She is paying for lead ie using your traffic to advance her business.Or you can ask for a guest post on her blog