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For the past seven years I have been building a small ceramic tile and stone installation business near the ski areas in Southern Vermont. (www.tilesolutionsvt.com) I have enjoyed this and have had success, however I feel that at 59 years young it is time to switch gears while they are still working. To put it another way, I am going to try spending more time on my butt and less time on my knees.
I learned about WA from a distant family member who works in internet marketing. After about an hour of examination I decided to join, and here I am.
I am impressed with the team and helping attitude that seems to permeate this program. I am looking forward to a lot of learning, since this is a very new field for me. I am open to any advice I might receive, and I look forward to a time when I might help someone else with their sucess.
I have been happily married for six years. My wife and I enjoy many outdoor activities, such as, hiking, cross country skiing and kayaking.
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Louise M. Premium
Hi ! Nice to meet you !! :)
B Premium
Hi back. Thanks for your reply. I think there is great potential here but hard work and patience are required. I am leaving WA for a while to take some computer courses. I hope you have some success with this. You can tell me about all of your sales when I come back.