How to generate ideas quickly

Last Update: December 11, 2017

Throughout my working life I had to do a lot of writing. And I must write very quickly or I will miss opportunities.

Materials I wrote are used by clients for various purposes such as sales pitches, project proposals, meetings, seminars, training programs, promotional videos, documentaries, manuals, conferences, speeches, expositions, brainstorming, web sites & emails.

To write lots of stuff quickly takes creativity, an attribute which I once felt was totally lacking in me. Furthermore, professional quality materials are expected by all clients. The content must flow smoothly to impress and persuade their audience.

It was very stressful until I found a technique which has helped me generate ideas and write quickly. It is called Lateral Thinking. I was lucky enough to be trained personally by Dr Edward De Bono. Google it. It is almost similar to Tony Buzan's Mind-mapping but more structured.

I use the same Lateral Thinking method to take quick notes during discussions. Right after any discussion, I was able to impress clients with my ability to summarize and understand their needs, concerns or problems.

Another very important tool to help me write quickly is the printed Thesaurus. A good online one is . It is a powerful word-finder, where you can broaden or narrow based on the context you're working on.

Finally, put all the bare-bone points from your Lateral Thinking notes into your favorite word-processor and start putting flesh to each one of it.

Hope this helps.

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