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All these years we may have interacted face-to-face with thousands of people. They could be our family, friends, peers and people at social or business functions. With the arrival of Social Media, we became connected with thousands more. During conversations, we usually share ideas, thoughts, beliefs and values. We may concur with some, rebuff some and feel nothing about some.The more we discuss with people we like, the more powerful their influence have upon us. We are either persuaded conscio
December 19, 2017
Have you ever come across acquaintances who have completely transformed their lives? Years earlier when we met them, they were totally messed up. But now they are enjoying life that people may envy. They are thriving in many aspects - health, wealth, intellect, leisure, social, family, spiritual and more. Among them, some became active philanthropists for social causes. They have flourished and became well balanced.How did they do it? Is it by pure luck?Based on Positive Psychology, the startin
With easier access to the Internet and smart mobile devices, we can get information very quickly. At one time, information is power. Now quality information is more essential. Quality information could mean useful, relevant, current, factual or all. So, when we need any information, we look up Search Engines, Portals and Forums. We're very lucky to have generous souls who share their knowledge and experience online. Before adopting online results, lets take a pauseWhen we're recommended informa
December 15, 2017
I am a member of Warrior Forum (WF) since 2010. Was not active for the past 3 years though, after gaining momentum in the offline industry. But I do check in once a while. If I'm not mistaken, WF was bought over by . I can say, most of the comments in WA are fairly accurate about WF. Quite colourful in there. Dozens of categories and sub-categories to have some order, but it could still be chaotic in postings. Some people are polite, some nasty and some are outright blunt. Most p
December 14, 2017
My own definition of Optimism = " a comforting, good feeling inside you when you displace fear and negativity with hope and positivity. " The person adopting optimism is an optimist. The opposite of optimism is pessimism (person : pessimist). An optimist and a pessimist perceive the same thing very differently.As an example - if an optimist sees a glass of water half-full, then a pessimist would see it as half-empty. In another example, we can see distinct characters between them. In a "bad" ec
December 11, 2017
Throughout my working life I had to do a lot of writing. And I must write very quickly or I will miss opportunities.Materials I wrote are used by clients for various purposes such as sales pitches, project proposals, meetings, seminars, training programs, promotional videos, documentaries, manuals, conferences, speeches, expositions, brainstorming, web sites & emails. To write lots of stuff quickly takes creativity, an attribute which I once felt was totally lacking in me. Furthermore, prof