My site has been up for since mid may and i have 23 articles there.

I applied for google adsence to monetize more (i had to).

They've been processing the site for 2 weeks+

But when they finished, i received "Your site isn't ready to show ads yet" message which I obviously loathe but willing to be in google's good books.

What should I do? btw I changed the website title as adsence was processing, could that be an issue?

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Feochadan Premium Plus
It could also be as simple as not being built out enough
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - take a look at my blog post. Your site will not be accepted if it doesn't have an Affiliate Disclosure.

Or if you have adult content (topics not suitable for under 18s or nude/semi-nude or sexually suggestive images).

Or if any content is copied and pasted.
Go-Givers Premium
Thank you.
Among what you've listed I don't have an affiliate disclosure.

I'm going to write it
DianeScorpio Premium
Here is the training on what to do. Pay careful attention if you have any Amazon affiliate links. If you don't use their exact wording and put it in the right place, you will be removed from their program.
Go-Givers Premium
you're so resourceful.

yes i've both amazon affiliate links and shopping native ads
DivineGood Premium
Hello Ssebbanja,

Sometimes it takes a long time
before a site can be approved.

Please have a look at this and
maybe it will help you find the

Thank you so much.

Go-Givers Premium
Thank you the article is a very valuable one. I've a lot about SEO that i didn't know and wouldn't have known had you not shared.

However my site is SEO optimized and 19 pages out of 23 are indexed. SEO is not my problem.

My original question was about Google Adsence (Google's publisher / affiliate Network). If I wasn't clear (my bad)
DivineGood Premium
That's fine and thank you
so much. Ssebbanja.

The time it takes to get approved
varies. It can be as quick as 24-48
hours but generally, it takes up to
two weeks for approval.

May I just share this with you?

How to Get Google Adsense Approval
Fast With a New Blog

1. Write High-Quality Content.
2. Make Your Blog Posts SEO Friendly.
3. Write Sufficient Blog Posts.
4, Create Must-Have Pages.
5. Make Sure You're 18+
6. Ensure You Don't Use Copyrighted Images.
7. Design a User-Friendly and Professional Looking Blog.

Getting approved for an Adsense
account is not difficult provided
that you meet the criteria explained
above. Adsense is a great way to
make money but always remember
NOT to violate any of their guidelines
for any reason. Once you break the
rules you are out of the program
once and for all.

Hope this helps you.


Go-Givers Premium
very helpful thanks
DivineGood Premium
Much welcome, Ssebbanga.