There are 2 process of writing and publishing the content.

1) Writing your draft in a document somewhere and publish the final version in your website

2) Writing and publishing your draft in the website till it becomes the final version

I am wondering does the 2 processes have different impact on the ranking, SEO or other other factors? Which process is recommended?

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megawinner Premium
I go straight writing my content and edit it the right way then publish. Then keep checking from time to time to improve if possible.
WaMagic Premium
I see! Thank You!
BarbaraN Premium
Hi, WaMagic,
I'll tell you what I do and I imagine others will chime in too.
I think this is what is recommended, but other ways work as well.
Start your post out in Site Content. It has the templates there if you want to use them. This will be your draft. You can correct errors, re-write and some even place the pictures they want to use in their post. Check your grammar while in Site content, too. When you think you have your post like you want it you can move it to wordpress for publishing.
You can still edit in wordpress until you are sure it's ready for the final publish.

I use Site Content until I'm sure it's ready for publishing- then move it to wordpress. I still find a few things I want to polish up-and you can do that and publish.
I don't think any of the ways you do it impacts your rank, etc.
WaMagic Premium
I see! Thank You Barbara!