I know the magic number of 1000 words comes into play all the time as being a good number for posts on our blogs.

However I am wondering if some shorter posts become a negative. What I am getting at is maybe some 300 word posts on the blog roll.

So all informative and technical blog posts can be 1000 words but if Im just making a personal post and its like 3 or 4 hundred words is it going to affect rankings negatively?

Hope you understand this question.

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mbouteiller Premium
As far as I know at least 1000 words is good. If you stay consistent under 1000 that is not good. I know Google wants us to put the effort in to put quality content in so the reader can have a great experience reading it.
LouisaB Premium
Dave, you can use long or short post.
But, as I have learned, the more, the
Google likes a lot of rich content filled with a few
rich keywords.
JerryMcCoy Premium
I am not sure.
Nadja3 Premium
Not sure how the current WA ranking algorithm is working, and there are several criteria used to calculate ranks. But magic number 1000 is defined to develop writing skills and it is sufficient to describe some situation, product, service, or whatever... This is an approximate number. I am afraid Google ranking might be affected if all posts are very short.
PatsyC Premium
Hi Dale, my niche is more visual and I have from 400 words to 1000. Most are about 500-600 and no it won't affect ranking.

Its the helpful quality content that counts :)
Happy2Learn Premium
Thanks. Patsy. I agree. Sometimes you just have to say what you have to say and then close the post. I have a couple @ 500-800 words.

My answer is to then ramp up the comments... Which count towards your total post word count plus you have the opportunity to add internal links.

Plus it brings visitors to your site so even a short post can be really beneficial.
PatsyC Premium
Hi Glenys you are welcome :)

I agree with saying what is needed and not adding stuff just to create more content.

I didn't realize that our comments are included! interesting. I need to add internal links more often I barely have any thanks for the reminder!
Happy2Learn Premium
You are welcome. Cheers