In December 2016, I decided to increase my posting schedule from one post a week (on a Wednesday) to two a week (on Tuesdays and Fridays) in the belief it’d increase traffic to the site.

Nine months later, I have managed to keep up the consistency. However, I’ve got so stuck in that process of researching, writing, publishing and sharing content that I’ve not had the time to look at whether the content is actually of a consistently good quality. (I’m holding down a job as well which doesn’t help with this!) I’ve had zero profit so far, so I’m worried that this is because of low-quality content (as well as not getting enough engagement with my posts).

Would it cause any problems with my site ranking if I temporarily reduced my posting frequency to, say, one a week, so I can focus on making my content high-quality? This would include taking some time out to look at what keywords I’m actually ranking for (if any) and analysing where my posts have been ranked. I know changing my post frequency isn’t a good thing, but would it still help? Or does anyone know of another way?

On reflection, I wish I’d got some advice from yourselves at WA on this issue back in December! From the training and questions that others here have asked about quality versus quantity, the consistent message is that quality content is more important. I hope it’s not too late to get things back on track and start making some money – it has been 14 months since I started building out the site.

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jvranjes Premium
I have never paid attention to consistency and frequency, publish when the post is ready, no matter when. But some claim this is important.
BeauAndNik Premium
Not at all. For some of my sites my frequency is sporadic yet it keeps improving its ranked pages.

1x a week is fine!