I have underwent 35 drafts on my latest post, but the links that I have added don't display when I view post. However, the post displays the right way when I push the preview tab. Any advice on how to fix this issue?




Thank you guys so much!!!

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Elijah88 Premium Plus
Hey guys, I am not sure how it happened, but my post is now fully updated. I am so glad I adopted the attitude of optimism and resilience -- hard and smart work pays off!!
IvanBroz Premium
Hey Elijah, ParthaB and AbieAJ gave you great answers.

I did check your published post. All the links are showing and working fine, so no worries.

A small suggestion, unrelated to your question. I would suggest breaking down your paragraphs a bit to make your post easier to read. It's hard to read through your text so breaking it down into smaller chunks will make a huge difference for your readers.

Otherwise, great job with your site :)
AbieAJ Premium Plus

Your first link cannot be viewed (Sorry, you are not allowed to preview drafts.)

But your second one works great.

To see my updated change, I would have clicked update.

If there's still no change,


I'd try empty browser cache refresh and try again. Try URL in a different browser or mobile device.

You can also empty servers cache.
Websites > Site Manager > Details > Sitespeed > Empty site cache

Kindly let us know how you get on.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
For future reference

If you edited a document in site content and published it, future edits has to be done in WordPress. Site content and WordPress work independently.

I'd place my images in a document in site content and publish it to my site. it will be added to my WordPress media library. Then delete the “temporary image” doc in site content so that it does not get indexed as well.
Elijah88 Premium Plus
Unfortunately, it still didn't work. However, my post is in the green for both Mobile and Desktop -- that's a plus!!
ParthaB Premium
If the changes view in preview tab then simply click "update" .

Then as a double check, go to Websites, then Site Manager here at WA.

Find the correct website under Site Manager.

Click on Site Plus.

Then click Clear Cache.

Then go and check the post on your website in a new tab (try an Incognito/private browsing tab).

JoeRebisz Premium
Are you trying to edit a post already published in site content?
Elijah88 Premium Plus
No. I was bewildered by the lack of links because I did all my editing in WordPress.