Hi. I am new to WA & have been posting my articles on the WA Site Content and following the program. However, this is not showing on the wordpress page. Why is there 2 different ways to post and how do you amalagamate them so they are the same?

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Triblu Premium
Hey Janice,

WordPress belongs to WordPress.

SiteContent is a tool that was designed and offered by the Wealthy Affiliate platform as a tool to help newbies setup their content better, so as to improve their success sooner. Hope you find this helpful.
Janice46004 Premium
Thank you for responding to my question. Very helpful and much appreciated/
countrylife Premium
Hey I am Lula.
I use grammarly premium version to write all my content for both blog posts here and my site. I subscribe to their service yearly.
Wishing you a terrific day.
Hackerist Premium
"This platform (SiteContent) offers you some incredible features as a writer that will lead to more efficiency, accuracy, and speed with your content creation." SiteContent works for each site individually, so what you write and publish to your SiteRubix site through Site Content will not be published on your site with your own domain. You need to publish to your own domain site choosing it under the Publication settings option from Site Content. That occurs if you still have a SiteRubix site and your own domain site. Since publishing twice makes no sense, it is best to move your SiteRubix site to your own domain: Tom
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Janice46004 Premium
Thank you.

I am finding it very confusing at the moment as when I started the program I had to set up a site.rubix domain and then transfer across to a paid domain.

I have a message to not delete the site rubix domain until 17 March. At the moment if you put my domain name in google it is showing the content for the site rubix domain which is different to the transferred one which I am adding content on.

Not sure if this is making any sense - but all my new content is not showing when you type in the new paid for domain.

I am just about to do another post on the WA Site Content page but am worried that all my work is not showing on my website and am concerneced I am wasting my time.

AbieAJ Premium Plus
You would need wait up to 30 days (Kyle's recommendation) for 301 redirects to be completed and for the search engines. After of which you may delete the subdomain however you could keep it for longer if hosting space is not an issue

You can check Kyles training tutorial below I'd also submit a ticket to site support ask them check site for me.

Jaz333 Premium
When you publish new content, you want to be sure to choose to publish to your new .com domain as opposed to the previous siterubix domain. I think this may be why your newest content is not showing up when you pull up your new site.

Once you have redirected the siterubix domain to your new .com domain, you basically just let the siterubix one sit there and do all future work directly on the new .com domain. It is recommended to leave the siterubix domain for approx 30 days before deleting just to be sure the transfer process is completed.

I hope that clarifies it some for you :)
Best, Shannon