Hello every one , I had written an article for my my website and published. Now the confusion gets here? Why is it not showing in my published post? But I can see it in website posts ?

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shishir165 Premium
The post created in the wp-admin dashboard will not be reflected in the site content section of the WA dashboard.
It was what had happened guys.
I found it a better experience on creating posts from the wp-admin dashboard though !!
Thank you all for your kind concerns.
Good day to u all.
YvonneBray Premium
Glad you got it sorted out.
shishir165 Premium
Hello everyone thanks for your suggestions. I cleared Cache but still no change. I am writing it to the help desk. I am sure they will sort it out. I will let you guys know what the problem was about.
countrylife Premium
I would clear cache and try again.
Has this been figured out yet?
Please reach out if you need help or a hand.
Wishing you well, continued success and a terrific day.
shishir165 Premium
Yes, I did but still the same. I have written it to the help desk and waiting for the responce.
Thank you and wish u a wonderful day too.
Newme202 Premium
Can you clear cache and try again?

You can also check if post is
accidentally selected for schedule post?

You can also try another browser to see if that works

Let us know how you get on
AbieAJ Premium Plus

You may want to clear cache refresh and try again. Try URL in a different browser or mobile device.

If that does not do it

You can also empty servers cache.
Websites > Site Manager > Details > Sitespeed > Empty site cache
AbieAJ Premium Plus
It is also worth noting for future reference

If you edited a document in site content and published it, future edits has to be done in WordPress. Site content and WordPress work independently.

I'd place my images in a document in site content and publish it to my site. it will be added to my WordPress media library. Then delete the “temporary image” doc in site content so that it does not get indexed as well.