Why does my screen constantly scroll up as I am typing trying to create content for a new post in the content editor? I cannot type more than a couple words before It has scrolled so far I can no longer see the screen area I am typing into and am looking at the bottom of the page. This is occurring so commonly that I often have to go to my site directly to create content instead of through wealthy affiliate because I have to type a few letters or words and scroll back up type and scroll back up type and scroll back up. I cannot follow what I am trying to write. I often have to stop writing altogether because I can't follow where I am at because of it.

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Kyle Premium Plus Featured Comment
Is this is SiteContent that you are experiencing this? So as you start typing, it scrolls like crazy?

Also, what browser are you using? We will look into this and escalate this issue right away.
acrinym Premium
Yeah, scrolls anytime I type. Not in every place in the document, not every time.
It seems to be a malfunctioning event listener. Maybe. :)
acrinym Premium
All browsers I've tried. Opera and edge so far, chrome...
Yes, in the content /article writer.
acrinym Premium
Same issue here, I just messaged SiteSupport in hopes of seeing a fix or something.
Aparna155 Premium
Same problem. A little fix by support is required there.
Kyle would have to pass the orders for that actually.
Lex666 Premium
I always write my posts somewhere else and then copy and paste. The only things I change is the format after I copy and paste it. I always have this problem as well, so I gave up on using that platform and write somewhere else
heavensaroma Premium Plus
Hello friend! I have experienced the same thing at times and yes, it is soooo annoying!

I have found that you may have some extra spaces at the bottom. If you go the the end of your post, try hitting the delete button and see what that does.

Sometimes, I'll do that and it jumps around but then it stops once all the extra spaces are gone.

Hopefully that helps!