its really long vertically down. Usually I'd try to drag something between the column and it'll make the words flatten out horizontally, but I don't see anything to drag.

heres a pic of the problem:

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Triblu Premium
Hey Kent,

This happens after installing your SEO plugin, as the SEO Title, SEO Description, and SEO Keywords are added to your All Posts view, making the post titles squashed.

The wider the monitor you use, the less distorted your titles will be.

Hope this helps you.
MarionBlack Premium
Try making your browser size bigger (unless it's already full screen).
Loes Premium
Did you install Yoast? Ever since I did that, my post section went balloony. Even after I removed Yoast, it stayed this way.
MrKent Premium
no yoast, only ALL in one SEO.
Loes Premium
It can be caused by a plugin you've added, in my case, it was the Yoast plugin.