I've seen many top WA promoting blogs where they write product reviews using keywords that when I look up on Jaxxy has <10 searches.

Why would they write reviews on things that are getting little searches? In the training we're taught to use keywords with searches of at least 50.

These are top WA promoting blogs though, so obviously they know what they're doing. But why are they doing it like that?

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Lev Premium
That usually means that nobody is typing in the search exactly that way. The keywords they're targeting could still be in the title. And don't forget you can rank for keywords that are found in headings tags (H2, H3). If this didn't help, include an example and we can look further into it.
ERichardson1 Premium
Good evening my friend, we are also taught by giving reviews on other programs as well as products that are not necessary tied in with our website, however the Google search engines likes this kind of action in return sending traffic to your website. May you have a wonderful week.
CLofLA Premium

That is a great question and it makes you wonder.

Do they know something we don't or if those keywords will produce high traffic one day?

Keep up the great work.

Stella2 Premium
Hi Kent;

Here's a blog Rob wrote several years ago about how to rank without a keyword. The explanation also applies to ranking when the searches are really low. Hope it helps clear it up.
Best to you,
Stella :-)
Triblu Premium
Hey Kent,

You have accidentally posted this question twice: You can easily delete the one with no responses so far... simply click on the gear icon just below your question title... select delete and POOF! it will disappear.

Hope you find this helpful.