Hello dear community

I need cheap copywriter for my affiliate website.

Writing it myself is too time consuming.

Please post your recommendations where I would find the best and cheapest affiliate copywriters.

Kind regards


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JeannineC Premium
Good writers don't come cheap. If all you want is a volume of words, you can buy cheap copy which will never convert.

The old rule is Good, Fast, Cheap - pick two.

If it's Good and Fast, it won't be Cheap
If it's Fast and Cheap, it won't be good
if it's Good and Cheap, it won't be fast.

Pick two.

Pay the money and get good copy, or else write it yourself.
bazboy247 Premium Plus
The words best and cheapest don't go together
Rex10 Premium Plus
Check out this training. It covers hiring on the Onlinejobs.ph site.

GudComp Premium
thank you so much, this is very valuable.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - the best writers are not cheap, and cheap writers are not the best!

A good writer who understands SEO and how to use keywords will cost a minimum of $50 for one post of 1000 words.

You can find cheaper writers, but their work may require editing. And some of them will even send copied material from other websites.

You can try Upwork or TextBroker. Some members have reported success with writers from the Philippines.
DianeK59 Premium Plus
I've used upwork, Fiverr, and Onlinejobs.ph. Of the 3, the writers I put on my team from Onlinejobs have definitely been my best, overall although one writer from Fiverr is the absolute best writer and also least expensive. He's from Pakistan but has incredible English writing skills. The only downside to him is he has a full-time (regular) job, so is limited in the number of articles he can write.
DianeK59 Premium Plus
I should mention that sometimes finding a good writer and then training them is a better option (for me, at least) than trying to work with a great writer (more expensive and sometimes not as pliable)
AbieAJ Premium Plus
I agree on the training bit, like let them know what is expected and them becoming part of the team. Get them involved. Thank you for your notes.
DianeK59 Premium Plus
Yes, we even have team video meetings to keep everyone on track (including me!) The team members are often shy about showing themselves but they have told me they get a lot out of the meetings.