Forgive me for asking too much here, I just wanna improve my skills.

After getting comments to one of my blog posts, I checked on Google if its ranking improved.

To my dismay, it didn't.

So, I went back checking the article, re-reading it as if I am a visitor to my site.

While reading, I found some parts that need corrections. Like for example, a sentence that was written but not supposed to be there. Also, sentences that looks ugly and need rearrangement.

I thought, "Are readers really enjoying my articles?"

Then while reading the works of others, especially the works of famous bloggers like Jeff Goins, I got confused of the rule when to hit enter to write a new sentence or paragraph.

Let's take for example, the one boxed red and with red arrow...

Is the author supposed to hit enter after the phrase "I mean, really know?" and put the other phrase "Most people don’t." on another line?

What is the rule for using "enter" when writing an article?

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iJared Premium
I think you’ll be waiting all day and all night for an official expert because there is no official answer to this.

Writing is self-expression and therefore only you can decide what you’re writing about and how it sounds .

A general rule of thumb is to keep all of your sentences in one paragraph talking about the same subject before you would start a new paragraph.

Just the same way I’m doing it right now I’m only making a point with a couple of sentences before I hit return and start a new one.

I think all of the advice stated here is kind of saying the same thing to. Your writing make sense it’s articulate and it flows.

To be honest in my personal opinion you should use the return key more than less . The only reason I say that is because the last thing you want in an article is one huge paragraph or a whole page of blocks of text. That is why we are taught to include visuals in articles . Did you notice this is the longest paragraph of my answer.

I guess I’m trying to say you are the expert when it comes to what you write, And so far for when I can see you’re doing a great job.
GomMagtibay Premium
You made me laugh with that joke, bro! :)

(That 2nd to the last paragraph)

Thank you.
verazhelvis Premium
There are no strict rules about dividing texts into paragraphs.
Normally, you start a new paragraph when you introduce a new thought, or a twist of a thought, or when you want to strongly emphasise something in your text. Sometimes, dividing into paragraphs is, so to say, author's (the author goes after his feeling).
It's pretty much like with commas. There are some strict rules about them, and all the others, are again, creations of the author. And it's not necessarily considered bad grammar. It's not like you don't know the tenses, or the proper word order, or confuse the notorious "to" and "too", or "lose" and "loose", etc.
My advice would be: just make your text readable, don't clutter it with unnecessary words and "empty" sentences.
And dividing the text into paragraphs, sure, makes things easier for the reader.:)
GomMagtibay Premium
Thank you for your advice. That simplified things down. But I think I still have to take a refresher course about "tenses".
verazhelvis Premium
My pleasure. If you feel you need, of course, do.
Language which is not good enough, can avert potential clients from the site. People will think you are not serious in your business. :)
ValerieJoy Premium
Gomer, I don't know how strict rules are with writing content. In fact, I didn't know there were rules, as such. (I would refer to rules with writing as "guidelines".)

But, if I was writing the content, I would have hit Enter before typing "Most people don't know".
GomMagtibay Premium
Oh, sorry! Wrong diction I have. (Diction, proper choice of words)

You see? That alone made me human prone to committing errors and mistakes.

I was supposed to use "guidelines" and not "rules", but unfortunately, the word "guidelines" didn't come to my mind until you corrected it.

This is the reason why I really want to improve myself not only in writing content but with English in general.
ValerieJoy Premium
No worries Gomer. Your writing is great.

English is my only language, and I'm not absolutely perfect with it.

I admire people who learn a second, and sometimes third, language.

Two years ago, prior to moving away from Auckland, I used to help Asian people who were learning English. I enjoyed helping them. They were so appreciative of the help they were receiving. It was a great experience. There doesn't seem to be the need for type of help where I am now living.
mac217 Premium
Hi Gomer, my disclaimer is I'm no authority when it comes to grammar and proper use of paragraphs. However, bear in mind that we're writing our posts/contents with the hopes of getting ranked in Google, thereby, getting more traffic and audience for our website.

That being said, our content needs to conform as to how Google sees it best for them to rank it, and that means not having too lengthy a paragraph and with consideration of user readability. So if putting that line of phrase in the red box onto the next line would make it more readable then by all means one can do it.

Perhaps, someone else with more understanding can comment on this.

GomMagtibay Premium
Thanks. I'm excited too to hear from them.. why are some sentences not entered to the next line and why others got entered. What are the principles being followed?
smoothk Premium
I wish I knew the answer for you. I originally thought that the sentence above the red box should be with the red box text. But after reading your question and thinking "really know?" and "Most people..." should be on separate lines.

I will follow up on this question to see if someone else knows. And if I find out in the meantime, I will come back and post it myself.
GomMagtibay Premium
Since I didn't have any formal training in writing, and this whole thing about online business is more on writing, I find myself depending on the advice of others. So, let's wait til the experts come here to share their wisdom.