I am just in the website content tab getting ready to write a new post, when I went into templates I see an Affiliate Disclosure template. When do we have to add this to my website as I have already started adding affiliate links as per the training


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tommo1968 Premium Plus
If adding links then add the disclosure it protects you somewhat
from being banned.
jghwebbrand Premium
I would add the Affiliate disclosure pages right away as you are creating your privacy policy page because it is something your sight will need if you are going to use affiliate links. It is a legal requirement so include it right away even if your site is not using them right now but you will be.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
Yes legal requirement

It should be clearly visible in the primary menu. Disclosure is typically a page.

You also need a shorter disclosure as close as possible to the first affiliate link in a post, either above or below the link.

For Amazon, it has to say "as an Amazon Associate I may earn from qualified purchases" and this has to be directly above your first Amazon link in post.

Parameter Premium
It is an industry requirement for every blog that contains affiliate links. The training below will help you on how to go about it
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - it is a legal requirement, so if you have already added affiliate links, you need to add it immediately.