I started my first Blog yesterday, I finally found it this morning by clicking on Start a new Blog after I thought I'd lost it. It's just a Draft now and it said it was saving it as such. Is there a way I can see it in my pages or posts so I don't always have to start a new Blog? Also will my Blog show up on my Website once I publish it? I'm creating it on WA because this is my first Niche? Or should I be creating my Blog somewhere else? Thanks for your time, it is greatly appreciated. Sharon:)

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tommydillard Premium
Once you publish it you will need to go to your menu tab and add it there. If your post tab is not in your menu there you will need to go to the top of page and vlivk on screen options snd check the post box and save then add your post to the menu.
Happygirl48 Premium
Thanks Tommy, I really appreciate your help. There's so much to learn. However, I love to gain knowledge it lifts me up. If I can be of help anytime please let me know. Sharon:)