anyone who`s been online long enough knows it`s ups and downs.I had a site that did well when I started then it went quiet and more quiet.

Moved things around, did some house cleaning, improved SEO and,and and not forgetting I also added content.

Now when I checked last week i was surprised to see many of my posts on page 1 of Google,thought to myself,jaaxy must be making a mistake, checked again today, even better than last week.

But , the thing is that there are no sales coming,had 4 signups last week and 4 on Jaaxy but none of them upgraded, some did not even fill their WA profile.

Im starting to think, is my CTA too bad or what`s wrong?

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Loes Premium
What is your URL, I can take a look and perhaps give you some feedback
phil1944 Premium
It's difficult to offer any sort of judgment without seeing the site. Why don't you request some site feedback and see what comes up?
roamy Premium Plus
Thanks will ask for site feedback but most of the time, people are polite to tell you "great job,keep working" yet they see things are missing.

phil1944 Premium
I've heard others say that too, Roamy. It's a pity. If you're asking for site feedback you should be able to hear the good, the bad and the ugly.