Hi all,

English is not my native language, and that worries me a little when I want to create my content.

I know that there are tools out there that can help you improve your English, such as Grammarly, I think it is called.

Do you have any recommendations, is this a good one? Thanks a lot for your help!

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thelungdoc Premium
I would agree with the above.

Grammarly is the best free one by far I have found - I am using it right now! They also have paid extensions on Grammarly if you really want to write correctly.

bill808 Premium
English is my native language and Grammarly corrects my mistakes. I learn every time I write something.

Find an English teacher who will not only edit your work but will tell you what changes they made and why they made them.

The only way to be a better writer is to write.

I use Google Docs whenever I need to collaborate with others.
megawinner Premium
Hi, Christian!

There are three I would recommend the following:
1. sing up for Grammarly
2. Write down your content in your language and check Google Translate to the English Language
3. Get Thesaurus
4. And get short courses in English. Choose an experienced teacher than a certified but new one. Articulate Yo need the writing skills in English!
5. Find a good editor so you can ask him to edit your work.
6. Self-study, Look for English language Writing Skills.
7. PM me for more help

All the best

Chris080 Premium
Hello Florentino,
Thanks for your help. My English is not that bad, but I just want to have something that could improve it a little. But I will definitly checkout Grammarly and see how I like it.
Best regards and thanks
megawinner Premium