Hello WA Family I am working on a youtube video to promote my SiteRubix affiliate link for those that visit my blog.

What do you guys think I should highlight about Site Rubix in the video?

Thank you

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Talk2Ray Premium
Are you trying to market Site Rubix with your video. If so you could stress that using it allows you to build out a website and drive traffic to it before setting up your own domain. Just thinking
PastorDre Premium
Yes, good stuff. Thank you.
SStubbins1 Premium
Pastor Dre,
You are an excellent writer, and You consistently in litan and brain your audience to a. With the content that you write about. The you sure and have someone check for spelling and punctuation. Do what you do best and that is be an exhorter. This alone is a gift that God has given you. Use it to your advantage. Also remember the audience that you are speaking to. And the kiss theory, "keep it simple sweetie."
PastorDre Premium
Hello there SStubbins1 thank you for the kind words I really appreciate it. God Bless you much love.
Pastordna Premium
Same four rules and guides when you write your contents or posts and they are: Captivating, Interesting, Accurate and Opinionated.

That simply means that you have to use such kind of words that will captivate your hearers and such words you will use should be interesting to your hearers.

Further more, such words should be carefully chosen for its accuracy.

Finally those chosen words should be from your personal opinion coming from what you have learnt from gurus like Kyle here on WA.

Hope this helps.

PastorDre Premium
Thank you much appreciated.
feigner Premium
there are plenty of details under your site manager of the features of siterubix.
but for me - do you advertise this platform as hosting for 25 domains with 25 free siterubix sites with training thrown in for free
training with free hosting thrown in.
always a dilemma.
good luck
PastorDre Premium
Thank you
feigner Premium
so which one are you going to be promoting?
hosting with training
or training with hosting?
just interested.
have you tried setting up a site in say bluehost to compare the ease of site creation here?
i personally would be promoting the ease and safety.
PastorDre Premium
I am actually going to promote the free web hosting with Site Rubix.

I am going to highlight these features;

You get Free Managed WordPress Hosting.
You get a Mobile Ready Website.
You get a Free Domain Name
You get a 24/7 Community to ask questions.
You get a Blazing Fast website hosted on cloud servers.
You get 12 FREE Themes to choose from.
You get a FREE Keyword research tool.
You get FREE web building tools.
You get 2 Free Websites.
You get One on One coaching for 7 days
You get FREE SSL certificate.
feigner Premium
don't forget - deleted after 6 months
for the free starters you don't get ssl
24/7 community help for 7 days
30 searches with keyword tool
free sub domain name ( use domain and they think they can transfer it out of wa - they can't)