Each and every one of us has a unique approach they take when writing content, and I wanted to spend some time opening up a discussion here with the community as to the "most efficient way" to create content.

There are things that I am doing, that you likely are not that could help. And same goes for you, there are many things we do to add efficiency to our writing and I think a "group" mindshare on this idea will really help those struggling to write or those struggling to get motivated to write get some tailwinds with their writing efforts.

So here are some things that I do to create efficiency with my writing, and these are things that you can likely do with your writing as well.

(1) I research my keywords before I write.
I am ready to go when I sit down and write.

(2) I research what I am going to write about before and while I write.
I like to be prepared and I try to remove the research process before I write. I want to know the subject, and have what I am going to write about broken down before I sit down and write.

(3) I architect my articles headlines and topics before I write.
I do this in bullet form, so I already know all the topics that I am going to be covering before I write. This means when I sit down to write, I can be 100% focused on building out the content.

(4) I often will set a timer on my writing.
I will set aside 15 minutes, put myself on a timer and just write. I don't stop until that 15 minutes is done, or the article is done. It is amazing how much you can accomplish when you put in focused writing, and put a little pressure on yourself.

(5) I don't worry about imagery until after I write my content.
I will put a tag where I want to add the imagery though.


This way you are not breaking up your writing by constantly going off to hunt for images, you can compartmentalize your image research as ONE task versus an integrated task.

And lastly, this isn't an efficiency thing but if I ever need to overcome writers block, I change the location in my house in which I write. I work from a laptop primarily, so I float around. If you don't have this luxury, mix up what you are writing about completely, or put on some brand new music to remove the potential "same same" monotony that can come sometimes with your writing.

Those are the 5 things I do, when I write to add writing efficiency. Do you do any of these? If so, which ones and what are some things that you do to spur creativity and efficiency in your writing? I look forward to hearing your ideas!

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mollygranger Premium
I also do my research before I write. That way, I know what I want to write about, and have my keywords/phrases picked and in order. This helps me put in content to coordinate with the keywords/phrases that I want to hightlight. Then I put in the pictures that I have chosen in advance to mesh with my content. This really helps when I am putting everything together. I hope this helps someone who may be struggling.
Molly G
kbiel4 Premium
Awesome, Molly. I pretty much duplicate your routine and strategies in writing my posts. I agree totally about meshing in the pictures and images in proper locations of the post. Thank you for your input.

All the best,

Jmahlangu Premium
I do them all except the one of 15mins and also I don't mark where I am going to put my images but I just use my topics to guide me where to put my images. I don't put pressure on myself when I write because I'm afraid that might cause me to end up publishing a content that I will later look at with some sort of disappointment. I just give myself ample time.

Kyle Premium
Test that out, I think you will be surprised as to how much you can get done in a 15 minute slot when you do some focused writing. Once you get good at that, you can ramp that up to 30 minutes or 60 minutes and get crazy productivity out of your day!
Jmahlangu Premium
Of course I will give it a try
amcg Premium
I love these! I do some of them, but the one that I think will help me is putting in :IMAGE GOES HERE (type of image I want to add), right into my article, before posting. Normally I'll write it down in my binder, so that I can refer to my binder. However, I think putting it right in the article will help even more!
Oh and setting a time for 15 minutes! I like this one! I'm going to give this one a try!
Kyle Premium
Yeah, something that I just naturally starting doing over the years as image research can take you completely out of writing mode. I you know what type of image/graph/chart you want, just label it and then you can streamline all your image finding.

If you are constantly being pulled away from writing your content, this lack of focus will really start slowing down your writing.
PKraenzel Premium
Thank you for these tips. I do the first three. I like the one with the timer, which I will try out because I get distracted quickly.

To overcome writer block, I do one of these things:
I take a tee break.
I research a bit more on the topic like watch a youtube video about the subject.
If it's late, I go to bed finish it the next day. I get more fresh ideas with my morning coffee.

I draft my article on a word doc then copy-paste on my content page at WA. I have a folder on my PC with all my articles.

Image is the last thing I do, its the most fun part and the icing on the cake. They got to match the topic. When I get to the image I know I am done.

Stay safe
best regards
Kyle Premium
Yeah, I didn't really mention it, but when I get a writers block I take a break and do something completely different and then come back.

This usually happens when I am simply fatigued by writing, which happens to all of us and there is nothing wrong with that. Come back with a fresh head and you can often times get through your writing very quickly.
EW26 Premium
I like the points you made here. I do some of them as well (but also work from a laptop). I enjoy being out when I write and also have started using Focus at Will, which I have found helps me focus. I am still working on getting keywords down and want to learn more about SEO.