Can someone explain in simple terms what plagiarism means because it may sound more of a mouthful term to use.

Also, how does it affect an online business and the best Anti-Plagiarism Software to use.

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MKearns Premium
You usually have nothing to worry about. BUT when your economic draw gets over a certain threshold, get the max protection!
ZEGU Premium
Thank you for leaving a word of advice.
jvranjes Premium
The sad fact is that with a duplicate content or plagiarism as you call it here, you can get ranked. This is a direct statement from Mueller from Google, I gave it in my training about duplicate content issues.

There is no much point of being worried about your texts being copied. There are plugins which give some sort of copy-paste protection, other than that nothing. Better not think about it.
ZEGU Premium
Thanks for letting us know Google's perspective to this. I missed your training and I will have a look at it.
AnuO Premium
The best anti-plagiarism software is actually you. I mean your determination to help those out there in your niche.This is maybe odd, but I must confess that I actually spend roughly an average 20+ hours on each of the blog posts I write.

The key is try and read at least 10 to 20 blog posts of relevant blog posts on your intended topic. Then let those information and points marinate in your brain. So all you need to is to leave your computer work bench and go do other things.

You'll discover that those information you thought was nothing will start to assemble together in your brain. And by the time you sit down to write, it just flows like water from a spring or tap.

Even when you need to refer to to them , dont attempt to copy word to word. Its quite difficult because I struggle with this too.
So just write as it flows. Hope this helps!
ZEGU Premium
Thank you so much for your advice.
LynneHuy Premium
Well let's see plagiarism is when you copy someone else's work and publish it on your website. It could be in part or a perhaps an entire blog post.

I've done some looking into this and there are a few things that you need to consider.

The first is that if someone directly copies your content and posts that then they won't outrank you on Google because Google knows which content was published first and won't let anyone that copies your work outrank you.

I was under the impression that "duplicate content" could damage your website ranking, but I have been assured by many very experienced online marketers that the only way duplicate content can damage your website is if you post the same content on more than one page of your own website.

Other people posting your content won't damage your website in that way. But of course it is your hard work and not very nice to have your content copied.

There are differences of opinion on this though. I have had people copy my content on a number of occasions and I have chosen to just ignore it and carry on with my day. If someone really wants to copy my content they will find a way to do it.
ZEGU Premium
Thank you so much for your response and reassuring me that Google knows which article was published first.