I am trying to submit a comment on a site. When I submit my comment nothing happens.
the email address I put in above, just before the comment, is red and the message at the bottom says Please use an email address associated with Gravatar. What is that?
How can I submit my reply?

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AbieAJ Premium Plus
You need type the email address associated with your Gravatar in order for you to submit a comment.
DianeScorpio Premium
Hi - see the replies to your previous question.
feigner Premium
going through the training you are shown how to goto gravatar and create an account that you can use for a new user on your site...
if not then goto https://gavatar.com and create an account and add an email address... ideally associated with your domain... and an image...
then that is the one you use to gain credits at sitecomments...
good luck
Ccarrick Premium
Thank you Phil, yours seems to be the general consensus. Now I am understanding why I did not receive credits for previous comments.
feigner Premium
no worries.. i hope you manage to get it sorted Corinne...