It might sound a daft question to ask but it's better to ask and get it right than go ahead and do it the other way round.

To be specific, my question is regarding ContentSite, the Privacy Policy section.

I have 2 websites, so what email address should I include under

Also, which website - At

Your response will be greatly appreciated.

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Phil-58 Premium
Hi there
I believe that Kyle covers this in the training
I don't remember what lesson no it is...
You will make up an email related to your website niche
then when you are applying for affiliate links with other companies you will use that email and not your personal email
best wishes
cheers PB
ZEGU Premium
Thanks, Phil, I was getting confused. I will look into this
Tw1 Premium
I suggest creating an email address that is:

ZEGU Premium
Thank you so much for your support.
Tw1 Premium
You are welcome!