Is there a difference between duplicate content and spun content? We are being taught to create original and value content. How to avoid spun content?

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Savant Premium
Run away as fast and as far as you can! Avoid article spinners like lycanthropes and zombies! A spun article is just re-written subject matter, usually generated by a program, but often just done by hand by lazy bloggers. Don't fall into that trap
Research your articles by all means, include quotes from other articles, but make sure you ALWAYS give credit to your source.
A few years ago I did some study which required articles to be written in academic style, but everything had to be referenced with correct credits given. There was nothing at all wrong with using something that someone had written, provided that there was the appropriate credit given to the reference - same with writing for the web.
In short, spun content is garbage that you want to avoid.
steveo5770 Premium
I agree with Jim on this. I have played around with them and produce nothing but garbage that needs to be rewritten.
techhound Premium
Hey Fred,
There is a class of software called spinners that takes as input content, then it searches through that content for nouns and adjectives within and replaces them with synonyms. The theory behind this is that the end result will be different enough to circumvent the duplicate content situation.

That is the theory. The reality is that what these spinners produce is quite often totally illegible. So you end up spending a good portion of your time rewriting much of the content just to make it legible again.

Another problem I have is that no matter how you "spin" it :) the content is not original. The ideas are not, the spun results are not, etc. To me it becomes a waste of time.

Best Regards,
Fred Chong Premium
Hi Jim, Thanks for explaining the "Spinnner" program. Totally agree with you that it s useless.
SowAndReap Premium
This is a great question Fred, thanks Ed for clearing that up. I've never heard of that term and now I know.
Drawshot Premium
Hi Fred, Spun content is basically taking an existing article and rewriting it so that it is at least 30% different in content from the original. That is supposed to be enough to keep you from getting the duplicate content penalty from Google. Great in theory, but I'm not sold on it being a real working option. who knows how many others may be trying to spin the same content and coming up with something too close to what you're writing.
Fred Chong Premium
Hi Ed, Thanks for confirming that spinning content is a no go!