I like to know the different between the main niche and sub niche, some one give me some idea please

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MikeGue323 Premium
Hi, 3Seasongift! Damien just below here has given you a very good example. It is something akin to the Niche SHOES. Very general, but under SHOES you have the 2 main subniches: Women and Men. That after you have gone down to Women and/or Men, them you have a more refined 'subniche or sub-subniche' of work shoes, dress shoes, football shoes, running shoes, and many more subs. In most cases, I start with the NICHE, but quickly get down to the SUBNICHE in order to target more finely and improve potential for higher response. Take care and I hope Damien's presentation below gets you response and my comments here add to it as well.
Thank you mike for the information. Happy
Damien Lane Premium
Hi Happy,

I will give you an example.

Just say you are passionate about gardening, well that is far too broad a nice to have a try at.

So, you need to 'drill down', or drop a level. A level down may be 'gardening tools' as an example. This in my mind is still not narrow enough. You, may go deeper to another level, 'gardening tools for summer gardening'. This is getting better. Though to reach page one on Google, I would go down another level, something like 'gardening tools for summer gardening in Thailand'.

So from a niche directory/tree perspective, it may be easier to see it like this;


Gardening / Gardening tools

Gardening / Gardening tools / Gardening tools for summer gardening

And finally;

Gardening / Gardening tools / gardening tools for summer gardening / gardening tools for summer gardening in Thailand

You can of course keep going further, though I hope this gives you an idea.
Thank Damien, the niche is more wider and the sub niche are narrow to the thing you want to do.
Damien Lane Premium
That is right Happy