Are there differences between post and page? Which one is better to use on my website?

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MarionBlack Premium
Read what Carson has to say about this subject
LawrenceHill Premium
all good answers...

Only thing I have to add is .

Posts are part your blog-roll, categories and archive. In this way they are automatically linked together.

Pages are static. All linking between pages has to be done manually by yourself. i.e. through menus or internal links
ThePierce Premium
Pages are good to organize your posts.

Say I've got 100 posts
I could maybe organize them into 10 sub categories or 10 posts.

This makes it easier for your viewers to find specific posts for what they're looking for without having to go through them 1 by 1

And should also help your bounce rate and sessions on analytics
clickto76 Premium
a page doesnt have a comment section, where as a post has a comment section below
Joes946 Premium
Pages are where you put your posts. Several posts can go on one page. Pages help with navigation through your website.