Hi, I am writing some super important notes within my Wealthy Affiliate blog
I do not know how I got it to strike through, but that is driving me nuts and I need some help to see if you can undo it...please
there is a client waiting , so my question is there any way to undo changes in a blog like an undo button?
Time is of the essence or I would totally try to hash this out on my own...
It struck through and also I accidentally deleted the education portion, would there be a way to get that back?

It is the most frustrating part of making content within WA. Helpful feedback for improving the platform is my intent-
Sometimes, my work is deleted, and I am unsure if I made an error but it seems to be consistent and deters me from creating more content within the WA business community. My neck is super painful, so I almost need to cry when this happens. Where does the content go?
How can it be retrieved?
Ok if you can help me with the little part of the Care Team Sol'n blog I would love that and it can heal all the times I nearly cried and the couple of times I really did. It was just my notes, but I have a few people waiting on me now
Please help
Nurse Becca

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AbieAJ Premium Plus

Apologies for you having so much trouble and I understand your frustration.

However you may like edit elsewhere, for example Google docs.

We do edit in Grammarly, and already checked for grammar and spelling and plagiarism, and so we just paste it plain and do quick formatting before we upload our blog post, of course choosing few tag names and editing title.

Perhaps this is better for you saving you struggling.

Kindly let us know if you were to figure out your situation, I don't think it can be retrieved once deleted.

Hope this helps.
NnurseBecca Premium Plus
I thought I was doomed so I tortured myself elsewhere... yeah definitely room for some improvement (we have the technology, I want to make a suggestion with the right approach to help.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
I believe that's changing however can't confirm anything.

You'd want perhaps reach out to the co-founders.

Thank you for your notes.

Much obliged and best wishes.