I have decided to follow Jay advice (like I normally do!) to have page authority. I will, of course, link to it in my post. Is it bad if most posts link to same page? I will use more posts to link to but I have one 3000 words as key page so it´s clear all most all post will have link to it. But can it damage annything?

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mijareze Premium
I would think that links aside, it is good to link to other pages and other posts. I link my posts to other posts. It works well to link to other posts above the fold and that helps to keep your bounce rate down also.
Aspiring Premium
Hi there,
This is what is actually recommended towards the end of the Certification Course. Rather than having affiliate links all through your site, it's better to refer to a few pages of authority, which would house your affiliate links. You can then link your posts and other pages to your authority pages with internal links - and apparently Google will view this much more favorably. Hope this makes sense, Mara.
Noteboom Premium
Great, thank you. It´s what I thought but wanted to be 100%. I still have not managed to finish the last lecture in CC, so that is way I missed it :)