Any thoughts or experience on using links in an article to showcase examples of your content through relative material on other sites? Does anyone do that. And if so, does Google give you a lashing or is it fair game? The way I see it, it can add to the fun experience of what you're speaking of, without trying too hard to sell. (Like having confidence in your work...)

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Triblu Premium
Hey Mark,

Personally, I quote my sources at the very bottom of my posts, just like I would if I wrote an article for a magazine or book, and I make the URLs NOT active.

The posts STILL gain credit from Google whether the links are live or not... which is why i do NOT make them live. I don't want my visitors wandering away.

But my visitors still can highlight the URLs, and click to open in a new tab, visit link, or open in a private window.

Hope you find this helpful.