Does it make a difference which version of English you use in your content? Would the use of British or other English spelling put off a US audience?

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megawinner Premium
It is up to you, for as long as you are having the right spelling regardless if it is British or American as long as your grammar and structure are good. To be honest, for me, as a blogger you need clear and concise English including your message.
AlexEvans Premium
The most important thing is to ensure that the spelling and grammar are correct.

If anything folks get picky over that.

The fact that some of us use Z's as opposed to using S's and vice versa, slips under the radar.

We operate in a global market.

Having said that it may count if we are working with or creating local focused sites.
MarionBlack Premium
I use English spelling because the rest of the world can't spell anyway so they don't know the difference 🤣😂😁🤩🙄😏

PS I'm in Australia.

PPS Use whichever you're most comfortable with.
Joezout Premium
The U.S. is used to seeing English spelling on the internet and the same the other way around, our editor on the other hand is another story, you need to decide which lingo you want to write in, which audience is your primary goal and always stick to it, do not try to swing and sway because that will be to confusing.