My Main site is a Travel Blog and I mainly post travel information and Reviews on attractions and stuff like that. It's all very long winded and hard work.

I have a vacation coming up and this means 2 weeks away from the PC. With all the will in the world, I will not be able to blog in the way I usually I do when away. I plan to do a lot of site comments while away to keep my site active in googles eyes but ti will be nearly 3 weeks and NO blogs are written.

Going away is not really a break from work, I am visiting two locations that I blog about, Los Angeles and Hawaii. And I using Products and services that I will subsequently blog about. I will also widen my knowledge and take around a million photos to use on my site. I even have purchased a drone for some dramatic and captivating footage of my destinations. So it's far from wasted time. Running a Travel blog is pretty weak unless I travel.

But I am still worried about the time away from blogging, I am begging to improve in rankings and making several sales a month and would hate for the inactivity to cause a dip.

To combat this I have thought about creating a LIVE blog while I am away. Maybe just a quick 500-750 words pumped out at the end of the day just detailing what we have been up to along with a couple of photos.

This would impact on my vacation time and as such, I would only want to attempt it if It would be a positive. exercise?

has anyone any experience of this? Is it benificial? or just white noise?

What should I do about Keywords and titles? I don't have a following as such and my traffic comes almost entirely from search strings. Even if no one reads it would the act of throwing 15+ posts in 2 weeks look good two good. I typically only blog 2ish times a week?

Let me know if you have any thoughts at all?


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JeannineC Premium
Something else you can do is write some posts now, perhaps product reviews or an additional post on a location you've already visited, then schedule those to appear while you are gone. Then you've got new content going up regularly, but you don't have to make yourself crazy while you're on the trip. I too am a travel writer, and I know that you are quite busy on a fam trip, no time to write other things as well.
MKearns Premium
I wonder if it's possible for you to take photos by remote drone operation!
sgregcrx Premium Plus
Absolutely possible.

The Drone I'm using has a very high-resolution Camera, for both 4k Video and High res Photo's. Even takes auto panoramas and 360 Photos. Incredible piece of kit.
davehayes Premium
I enjoyed this post and I do similar, but I really enjoy writing.

I am away myself for a short break this weekend with my wife and I shall be taking my tablet with me, because I can login, and do some work, like prepping an article or post at some stage

Providing the 'live' experience is also good and you never know who will read what you are writing or... what doors will open and, as long as you are disciplined in the time you allot to your posts it should not impact on vacation time
sgregcrx Premium Plus
Yeah, my biggest concern really is what Keyword to target. As said it's a report of my day, so hard to think of a keyword and as it's probably about something I will write about properly, later on, I don't want it to compete with that?