For those of you that don't understand the importance of comments, this discussion is for you. If you are getting comments on your website, you are not only going to come across as having a much more active website to your visitors, you are going to also get much better rankings in Google.

Google looks at metrics like engagement when determining your rank within their search results. If you are actively getting comments on your website, then you will definitely appear.

But these comments must be relevant to the context of your article. So if you post a comment on an article that is related to "best techniques to lose weight", your comment should be completely relevant to this.

This is a discussion where you can post your latest content and ask for others to give you website feedback on it.

Also, to take part in this thread and to keep the community aspect of it thriving, for every blog post/page that you post here requesting comments (on the actual site), make sure that you

So here are the steps:

Step 1: Comment on at least 3 websites
Step 2: Post a link to your page or post that you need comments on at the very top of this discussion (as a new comment)

Make sure you do not skip step one. It is important and it will lead you to getting more comments on your website. :)

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Natalia777 Premium
Happy Friday, dear Wealthy Affiliates!

I want to thank you for your valuable comments on my last post!

I want to say that I am happy to receive authentic and engaging comments, and I hope I have provided the same thing to you in your posts.

Here is my yesterday's post:

If you have a minute, please take a look and leave a comment.

I will do my best to return the favor within 24 hours!

JosephineC Premium
I left you a comment. I welcomed the lesson. Here is my link:
Natalia777 Premium
Hi, Josephine, thank you for your comment, I have just return the favor!

vza Premium
Hello my WA family! Hope ya'll doing great as usual :)
I want to promote my (Snoops) You Tube channel and am

offering high quality comment and feedback to any of your sites.

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LoriM5 Premium
Snoop is so cute the two videos made me smile. Thanks and here is my link
vza Premium
thank you so much,just left you a comment as promised.
I noticed that you don't have a logo yet, if you would like I'd be happy to create a nice and unique logo and favicon for you, as I'm a graphic designer,just let me know
other than that your Articles are a great read and very convincing and informative. you gave me a bit of inspiration on how to make my affiliate site better as well. thank you so much!
Tunari Premium
Great website and nice article. Well done.
vza Premium
Hey family! hope ya'll having a great and productive day working on your future money machines;)
Snoop has made a very short product review and would highly appreciate some comments on it. As usual I'll be more than happy to leave you a quality comment in return. here's the review..
this will only take a's very short since there's a live video Review that explains it better than a thousand words.
if anyone would like to subscribe to Snoops YouTube Channel I would offer two high grade comments on your blog or website as you wish.
Appreciate your time, thank you in advance
drmohfa91 Premium
My new post needs your awesome comments (Please no feedback).

Important Notes: I take my time to read all articles from those who commented on my blog, so I expect to receive the same effort.

1- Please try to read it or read part of it before commenting so the comment can be relevant to the topic and not generalized one.

2- If you are going to write only a straight line such as " great article, this is a wonderful article that I will be sharing with... Thank you so very much." Don't bother commenting.

3- Try to state your opinion about the topic, not copy-paste, general sentences.

4- Forgive me if I don't return the favor for those who don't put effort into commenting as I do. For copycat comments, I will sadly delete them. Sorry for all this but I am spending 1 hour and more commenting on other blogs without a good return.

I will gladly return the favor and enjoy reading all your awesome articles!

Thankies in advance :D
YamaM Premium
Dear friends,

It's been a few days since I've written a new post. If you guys can read, then comment on the article that would be great. As always, I will return the favor.

Here is my link to the new post:

Thank you,
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YamaM Premium
Hi there,

Thank you for your comment. I just read your post and commented back in return. Very nice post. Thanks for sharing.