For those of you that don't understand the importance of comments, this discussion is for you. If you are getting comments on your website, you are not only going to come across as having a much more active website to your visitors, you are going to also get much better rankings in Google.

Google looks at metrics like engagement when determining your rank within their search results. If you are actively getting comments on your website, then you will definitely appear.

But these comments must be relevant to the context of your article. So if you post a comment on an article that is related to "best techniques to lose weight", your comment should be completely relevant to this.

This is a discussion where you can post your latest content and ask for others to give you website feedback on it.

Also, to take part in this thread and to keep the community aspect of it thriving, for every blog post/page that you post here requesting comments (on the actual site), make sure that you

So here are the steps:

Step 1: Comment on at least 3 websites
Step 2: Post a link to your page or post that you need comments on at the very top of this discussion (as a new comment)

Make sure you do not skip step one. It is important and it will lead you to getting more comments on your website. :)

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MichaelGore Premium
Hey everyone.

#SquareEnix has recently confirmed that there will be a free #MarvelAvengersPS5 enhanced upgrade.

If you could leave some comments it would be greatly appreciated.

Please let me know via PM and drop me a link of your own and will return the favor ASAP.

DarcyPeltz Premium
Hello, family!
I have been working exhaustively for days, and I would love to take some time and relax a little while answering some comments on my latest post!

I also have my social media set up and would be over-the-moon to have you all in my network! I will certainly return the favor!! :-)
Just send me your links! Team work makes dreams work!

Love always,
Darcy - The tired business owner

Facebook Page:
(I also have a Facebook group for freelancers. You can find it under "community" on my page!

ChristineDu1 Premium
Hi Darcy,

I am a writer, so I was very interested in reading your article ;-) I just left you a comment. Could you leave me a comment too please? Many thanks!

I just followed you on Twitter :-) (chduts)
DarcyPeltz Premium
Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! I will, of curse, return the favour! And thanks for following!

Oh, and in regards to your question: the number 21 (or 20 I should have put maybe...) is just a guideline for those who are new to writing query letters to help them keep the letter one page long. I know it helps me!

Thanks again!
ChristineDu1 Premium
Lol, thanks for the clarification! :-)
DarcyPeltz Premium
Anytime. :)
I am reading your article now, and love it already! Too many people suffer from burnout— and it can bring your life to a complete standstill. Good on you for posting about it!!!!!
ChristineDu1 Premium
Thank you! I created this website to help people go through burnout and get better. When I went through it there was little help available, so I hope to help with this in some way :-)
Minaher Premium
Hi Darcy, I left you a comment.
Would you leave one for me on my latest post?
Thank you!
DarcyPeltz Premium
That's awesome! I have never seen a website specifically devoted to helping individuals get through burnout before. It is truly a splendid idea.
DarcyPeltz Premium
Thank you for your comment. I am leaving one for you now.
DamonClaxton Premium
Good Evening WA,

I would appreciate a few comments on my new post.

All about an aerial adventure day out in the UK.

Of course i'll return the favour, I do ask for you to send me a private message so I see it.

Thank you and take care.
Dkai111 Premium
Hello, I have left a comment on your post - I have booked marked your site because you provided info on places to visit during 'summer staycation' here in the UK - how interesting I found info on holidaying in the UK here on WA :)

Please could you comment on my post here when you get the time:

Wishing you success.


Minaher Premium
Hi, I left you a comment.
Would you leave one for me on my latest post?
Thank you!
drmohfa91 Premium
My new post needs your awesome comments (Please no feedback).

Important Notes: I take my time to read all articles from those who commented on my blog, so I expect to receive the same effort.

1- Please try to read it or read part of it before commenting so the comment can be relevant to the topic and not generalized one.

2- If you are going to write only a straight line such as " great article, this is a wonderful article that I will be sharing with... Thank you so very much." Don't bother commenting.

3- Try to state your opinion about the topic, not copy-paste, general sentences.

4- Forgive me if I don't return the favor for those who don't put effort into commenting as I do. For copycat comments, I will sadly delete them. Sorry for all this but I am spending 1 hour and more commenting on other blogs without a good return.

I will gladly return the favor and enjoy reading all your awesome articles!

Thankies in advance :D
ChristineDu1 Premium

I just left you a comment. Could you leave me one too please on either one of these articles?


StevenKane1 Premium
Hi Guys

This is my latest article, and would be amazing if you could comment on it. It is just a short review post but I would like to know what you guys say.

My membership had run out for a few days so I have been unable to reply to the last couple of comments, I will get back to all of you right now!

Thanks you are all amazing.

Take care,

Computerchip Premium
Good afternoon, Steven! Great article! I just left you a comment, and would greatly appreciate your commentary on my site as well (your pick). Thank you so much, and God bless you!

Carletta aka C.N.