I started a MMO niche website back in Oct 2019 and wrote 1 post but then stopped. Its now been like 4 months without posting any content and that website is pretty dead.

I now want to continue with the MMO niche website and post regularly, but I dont know whether I should create a new website or continue posting on the old one. Im worried that Google may not like the old one because I haven't posted anything in so long, I heard that Google likes websites that posts regular content from the get-go.

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Lev Premium
Keep the old one. Google also likes aged domains, it adds trust and is a ranking factor.
TheCatherine Premium Plus
Carry on with the old one but post consistently from now on. It doesn't matter whether it is only once a week do what you can
AthenaS1 Premium
Well, I'm no pro so hopefully you will have a few more responses on this. But I say; Kick start your niche. Get it going again. You liked what you started before you stopped so why not give it a shot. Start writing and writing and writing and I wouldn't be surprised to see things start to happen. And if not what have you really lost. Start another one. The experience you've gained by trying to get the old one going again is of great gain for you. Good Luck, let us know how things go.