I have started to use Site Content for writing and published a few articles that way, however my last article that I just tried to publish was flagged up as "Not Unique".

Well I cam confirm it is 100% my own work, I have not copied any other site simply written from my own knowledge. How can this be considered not Unique. The chances I have written the same words from the top of my head as someone else seem remote?

I have delayed publishing for now as I would hate Google to pick up the same issue.

Anyone have any ideas or comments?

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sgregcrx Premium Plus
Well, In the end, I think it was a Glitch.

I went back to try again to see if I could get any more information from the error message. This time, however, It simply accepted the post no problem.

I've had the same issue with site comments before...
RikaSF Premium
I am not 100% sure, but I think SiteContent only checks your own website/s to make sure that the specific post is unique. Maybe you have written something on your website which is very similar to the post you want to publish:))
JReinbold Premium
Hi, try putting the article through this site and see what happens:
I have used it a couple of times and it seems to work. There could be some lines or sentences in your article that are standard language in other articles. But I am not sure what the actual problem could be.
NCH Premium
Hey I tried to post something that I had written on my shopify store site, and I was told it wasn't mine so I couldn't use it. Sad thing was it actually was my work! So I learned to post here 1st before posting anywhere else online.
DianneBee Premium
I don't know how to get around this. The same has happened to me after I've spent a while writing a very useful comment. I use quotes and snippets from old articles on line a lot and so I don't use Site Content.