I tried to edit a "Site Content" text but since it was published, it opens the text directly in WordPress. Isn't possible to re-edit inside "Site Content"?

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bazboy247 Premium
You edit posts on wordpress once you have published them from site content
jghwebbrand Premium
Once you "publish" posts for pages from Site Content they publish to the Wordpress dashboard of your website. Any images you included also go to your Wordpress.

You can edit your content in Wordpress Backoffice -> posts or pages -> edit.
SDesmarchais Premium
I have the same issues. Trying to re-write my first post and it’s complicated.
feigner Premium
do any post publish editing on your site...
if you want to add additional images from sitecontent hten create a post ain sitecontent and add the images ...
publish this to your site ( the images are now in your media library)
delete the just published image post on your site
goto the post you want to add images to ..on your site
and add the images from your media library....
click on posts >>all posts>>edit ( the post you want to)...
once in the editor go to where you want ot add an image and click on add media at the top...
your media library will open up and you can select the image you want...
don't forget to add alt text...change hte location formatting ( i tend to go for right align)
you can also add a featured image ( in the right sidebar) this will show in your blog roll and depending on your theme at the top of your post...
click update
when viewing changes on your site press ctrl+f5 if you don't see them to update your browsers cache...
good luck
BorisCuljak Premium
Hi Ana,

Unfortunately no it is not possible to edit your content through site content once your article is published. But except the word count everything is pretty much the same from my experience. Also knowing WordPress and all the plugins available I'm sure you can add something that will count your words, paragraph etc.
AnaRiC Premium
Thank you very much Boris.
feigner Premium
no... any edits you make are done on your website....
AnaRiC Premium
Thanks Phil!