I have a successful website about organic skin care. I also have another website about organic lifestyle, it is small and doesn't have as much traffic

I started the lifestyle one as a second site and source of income. I have found now that managing two sites is too much work. I need to focus on the successful site.

My question is, can I take my organic lifestyle articles and put them on my organic skin care website? Or is this too different of a niche? Will the lifestyle articles not be relevant?. I figure moving these articles to an established site would make them do better than having them on a small, mostly left alone site.

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Lady May Premium
How long has your other site been up and running because if the articles have been on there for a long time you might have duplicate issues with Google.
I did this once and found it to be ok. I just copied and pasted all articles and ditched the site I didn't want. My articles had been up for about 3 months and I've never had an issue. This was about one year ago.
dj-drea Premium
The site is over a year old.
Marlinda1 Premium
Hey dj-drea!

Great question :) You can merge the two but remember to plan for them separate so that you don't forget about the lifestyle part.

Do not copy the articles verbatim from the other site because you might get penalized. Reword the information you've already written so that you won't get penalized. It sounds like a pain but you don't want to mess up your successful site so I think the precaution would be wise.

If its a lot, maybe just pick out some favorites or just do them over time. For instance, you can create a schedule of posts and say you decide to do one lifestyle article per week. Start by rewriting your already written articles on the skin care site.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, you know? :)

I think the lifestyle would be very relevant to people who are searching for organic skin products but do not change the entire site to be lifestyle focused. Make it more like its added info, bonus type of a thing to the website.

Hope that helps and makes sense :)