I have two blogs up and running (one is a DIY blog from before WA). The blog I am spending most of my time on the one I created with WA.

Should I just focus on that one and put 100% of my efforts into it until I build up some traffic. I don't have a ton of time each week so I'm trying to be a strategic as I can.


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petardz Premium
My advice for you is to go like this. Focus 100% on one blog only, until you have 100 articles of content. Try to write thouse as soon as possible, then continue publishing one article per week, and focus on the other blog. I'll do like that, I'm at 74 posts for now, when I reach 100, I'll start another blog.

However, I made a lot of mistakes, I abandoned one blog 3 months ago, because I want to focus on this one only. Beginner mistakes, but we all make them..
philmedia Premium Plus
All the advice on the platform says pick one then scale later .. I made the mistake at the beginning and I estimate it cost me a 6 month delay ... Good luck ...
JoeRebisz Premium
Yes, focus on one at a time until it gains traffic and traction, then move on to the next one otherwise you will be dividing your attention between two and it will take longer for either to monetize.
countrylife Premium
Currently I have two directions "Country Living" and MMO but I am finding really hard balance the two together so now I am totally concentrating on my niche and I figure by end of year packed with content 100 plus posts and monetized. Next year I can focus more on my MMO. And so I strongly recommend the one niche that best resonates with you, even Kyle would recommend same.
Whatica Premium
Ultimately you have to decide what you feel is best. I would say that, if you find that you aren't able to reserve any time for self-care (relaxing at the end of the day, being able to workout, things like that) then you may put one site on the back burner for a while. You don't want to get burned out by taking on too much, eventually it will affect the quality of content you are able to produce and both sites will suffer for it.

But only you know the ins and outs of your situation.

If you do decide to keep both then I would probably just alternate, write a post for the DIY then write the next post for your WA website.