It seems I cannot make sales with my affiliate links, but I get clicks on my adsense banners. I don't know if I should just give up on writing review posts because they take a lot of research time and energy and it's already almost 9 months and I don't make sales. I have 1 website with 300 organic views a month and make about $0.35 from adsense.

So lets say I create another website and have 2 websites. I'll write about 3 posts a day for each site, so 6 posts a day everyday. This is doable because each post will target keywords I can write about in like 30 mins without doing any research.

so about 100 posts a month per site. 2400 posts total in a year. assume 5 views per post per day (as suggested in the WA training) so I'll get 360k views a month. so if I'm making $0.35 a month with 300 views, a quick calculation I'm getting $420 a month from adsense. and if I get lucky I'll make a few affiliate sales too.
what do you think?

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vickg Premium
what does it take to get approved by adsense cause I have been waiting over 3 months now.
boomergp08 Premium
Definitely not. Google AdSense will not make you nearly as much as affiliate ads will. That is not to say you will not make money with AdSense but it will only be pocket change and not in the dollar range.

After 4 years I still do not have AdSense on my website because I make far more money from my affiliate links to 4 different affiliate programs.

Though I could put AdSense on my website because I get thousands a views per month, I still do not even bother because I do not want AdSense to steal away my potential customers.
Andrew-74 Premium
Well said. I tried for months to get AdSense to work for me but after 6 months I had made less than $50. I can make that in a single day with affiliate marketing.
TheBuilder Premium
That sounds to be a good idea. But writing so many posts appear to me a difficult or almost impossible task. If you can, that's very good.
Andrew-74 Premium
To be quite honest I think you might be over estimating the power of Google Adsense. I have been there and tried to make good money with Google and its really not easy. To me, Google ads are a way of making an additional bonus income. I have removed Google ads from my site entirely now because they make pennies.

I would be really surprised if you could write 2400 posts in a year, but good luck to you if you can. But in my opinion you will make more money as an affiliate rather than getting ad clicks. Your right that you need to boost your traffic levels and only quality content will do that.

Perhaps you might be better off creating one really good, high quality review and then spending more time promoting that post on social media sites?
rene4me Premium
Go where the money is:) I hear a lot of complaints about adsense all over the net,whether it is worth it or not,but yet links don't seem to always get sales.I say keep both:)