I have written a review of like 3,000 plus words, but I have broken it down into a three-part series, hoping to show up more in search engines.
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pinkabella Premium
I agree with Kathy I wouldn't read a 3000 word review either so I would break it down
Kathy331 Premium
I wouldn't read a 3000 word review, so I would agree with Ken and Jovo to break it up into 2 or 3. :)
Loes Premium
I would, and I would give every part its own keywordphrase too
Ken-Pringle Premium
Search engines like long reiews.
I would say you can maybe make
2 parts at 1500 word each but not 3.
jvranjes Premium
The first option may be too long. You can make 2 good size posts or even 3.