Okay so I am wondering would there be a small percentage of visitors that I would loose due to amazon links and should I be cloaking them?

Thank you Justine :)

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shoofar Premium
If it is a link for selling , I would leave it uncloaked, or state it in link description what this link does.

Put yourself in in your visitor's shoes, how would you react if you click on a link thinking that it is another part of review and it takes you to amazon store ?

Lost visitors are probably not ready to make a purchase.More likely they have other (cheaper?) substitutes for amazon store, not lost because it is amazon link (which is pretty authoritative).

Hope it helps.
blubutterfly Premium
Thanks shoofar, it is amazon, so I will leave as is :)
KatieMac Premium
it is a good idea if you have quite a few affiliate links, I am using pretty link lite to do this there is training with in the bootcamp
Martstervt Premium
Good question and thanks Jude for some info I didn't know.

judebanks Premium
You must clearly state that the link in question will take the user to the Amazon site when clicked. You should also ensure that the site on which you are posting the links includes the required statement to identify yourself as an Associate.

Amazon has its own link shortener, Amzn.to. Have you tried that?

More info: https://affiliate-program.amazon.com/gp/associates/help/t64/a1

blubutterfly Premium
Hi Jude, yes thank you I have :)
KayWinkler Premium
There are some posts already about that topic and I would say it's very pretty to create Your own links. For example with the Thirsty Affiliates plugin >> https://wordpress.org/plugins/thirstyaffiliates/

It's really a good plugin and very handy.
Hope that helps.

blubutterfly Premium
Thank you Kay, much appreciated :)
laurieP Premium
I also like Thirsty Affiliates, they really help.