Just wondering how we publish posts to the WA community, I am so used to just publishing my blogs on Wordpress, but how do we publish them to the WA community?

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AbieAJ Premium Plus

I would click the pencil top menu and choose blog at WA, you can write your blog, you can choose 2 - 5 tags however minimum two before you are able to publish.

You may do a plan and save your blog posts as drafts for later publishing.
AbieAJ Premium Plus
If you publish any content on WA, then it cannot be published elsewhere would be counted as duplicate content, however you may do backlinks to your WordPress site.
JeffreyBrown Premium
Good answers for you, Ally! Enjoy your blogging!

ElodieF4321 Premium
If you want to publish thru WA there is the icon pencil, click on it, you'll be taken to where you'll write your post.

After writing, there's an icon you click to choose a picture consistent with your content after which there is the publish button, click it and you'really done.

Hope this helps. Blessings
AllyJay Premium
Thanks so much ElodieF4321 - much appreciated:)