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Hi all,
What the longest post you've ever written?

I've gotten a bit carried away, I kept writing, researching, writing, in Google Docs. I wasn't even thinking about word count.

I was thinking about being the best on Google because for another review I did the most comprehensive review on the internet and it has resulted in me getting tons of keywords ranked and on page 1 of google https://my.wealthyaffiliate.com/johnjstanley/blog/google-pag...

Anyway for a different company rewiew in a more complicated industry that I knew little about (science and stuff), I've created a humdinger...over 13,000 words.

I've read a bit about Pillar Content and having Clusters content (smaller blogs) hyperlinked to the huge pillar content. I guess to maximise the SEO effect, I will create a few related blog posts.


1. Will this be a good SEO strategy?
2. Are there benefits to write posts in the 10,000-15,000 word range OR should I never do this 4 weeks of effort again?
3. Any other comments or suggestions?
Thank you

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GlenPalo Premium
I created a pillar content article for my site based on, in part, a Content Marketing Institute post.

When first published, the article was 7,000 words. It is now almost 7,200 as I add content related to the sub-topic pages.

My 2nd pillar page is in draft form and the word count is 12,000.

At some point in the future, I will create ebooks on the pillar content as content upgrades.
JohnJStanley Premium
How are those posts going for you Glen in terms of ranking on Google and traffic to your site? Thanks!
MKearns Premium
At a highly pushed word count envelope, you'd be better advised to create an e-book or white paper for this topic John
JohnJStanley Premium
Thanks Mike, its a review of an essential oils MLM company, there's a bit of science and the rivalry with a competitor (good keywords) drove me down a few rabbit warrens. I think I'll push ahead as a bog, see how it ranks, but don't exceed the 5,000-8,000 count for review posts again?
feigner Premium
well...one benefit is that you could offer it as a lead magnet in pdf form.
you wil lget ranked for a load of keywords.
and as long as it is relevant and interesting to your visitors it will get read.
you could always split the post into 3, but that takes away the pillar bit.
good luck with it
Rainfalls Premium
Hi John! I think it is a great idea. My philosophy is that if you have an idea. Go with it . Try it! SEO is subjective in many ways.

Going for 10 to 15,000 words is the higher higher end of word count. But why not. If the review is good and I am sure it is. That is the important part.

I have not used that term. But I used I guess what you would call Pillar Post and link to my multiple websites. The smaller blogs have ok SEO . But they are all growing together.

So it is a Synergy! I think that is a great idea.

But not advisable. Unless you build one site up. Then build up the others after it. Very hard building all the sites as once and doing a great job. That 's what I did.

But the other side is. Now I have several assets.

Thanks for the post!
JohnJStanley Premium
Thanks Rainfalls, Pillar Post as explained by Patel and Hubspot is linking within your one site. So one topic e.g. Email marketing, make that a huge pillar post then link a bunch of blog posts off of it.
I guess you could extend that across multiple websites...but I'm not producing enough content for one website yet (I'm still part-time)
Rainfalls Premium
Oh yes I got you! Yes that is a Super Idea
Jadatherapy Premium
Great Question and I would love to also know the answer.