I've been using Amazon links for a while now, and it occurred to me today to ask about the options provided us.

When you search for an Amazon product to promote, and use the 'get link' button, you are given the option to choose the link as HTML, Standard Link, or Short Link.

I'm curious to know...

What do you use, and when or why there would be a preference to use any particular option?

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YanFellow Premium
Hi Cris -

Agree with most folks here. The short link is easier to manage and looks better. I use the image if it's the only way I can get an image of the product. Unfortunately, you can't choose which image to use but its better than nothing.

mottomoerai Premium
I use SiteStripe also and I prefer using the short Link for text. Then when I need the image, I usually use the large one. Well it depends on where you want to put it.
merlynmac Premium
I love Site Stripe. Also, I tend to use the full links (no real preference) and then I'll toss the image + text to the item toward the bottom of my post too.
cris1018 Premium
I like the SiteStripe as well. Seems that the link formats are options of preference, so I'll keep doing what I'm doing!

Thank you for replying!
Triblu Premium
Hey Cris,

The following training may offer you the help you seek: Hope you find this helpful.
bpais1 Premium
Personally, Cris, I "get link" from the SiteStripe at the top of a regular Amazon products page.

The text link is in short form - which, to me, looks much better.

And, there are also links for: image, image+text, and custom (under native shopping ads).

I don't like looking for products in the amazon associates home - they are much harder to find and work with.

cris1018 Premium
Thanks Jim.

I use SiteStripe as well. I love SiteStripe.

I just wondered if there was a reason why one would choose one format of link over the other when copying & pasting from the Associate's page, but it sounds like it's just personal preference I guess.

Thanks for replying!