I know people have asked this before, and I am not someone who runs out of ideas ever. I am surprised I am even asking this, but one of my niches is about burnout, and that website is all about helping people get through burnout. I have written about everything that can help, but I feel that I have already shared everything that is helpful to get through or heal from burnout. I have no more tips, advice, or anything else that is useful up my sleeve ;-) The website is doing really great as well, but I don't want to keep on posting for the sake of posting, and ruin the quality of the website ...

As I write this down, ideas come up such as videos maybe, but if anyone has some ideas, they are very welcome. :-)

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PKraenzel Premium

you can go back to your old post and do some adjustments, take out a sentence, add/delete paragraph, put an extra tip, new image. video.
you may take out a post, and repost it at another time.

sometimes when we go back to the posts we pasted a while ago we find the one or other thing we like to change.

hope I could help
megawinner Premium
Hi Christine. It is important to keep taking notes on other similar blogs, research on your niche a bit more including top websites , and videos. and play your own creativity on each or a mix of several sources. It is more like creating a new ideas, Put a new spin on the content and your own words and version. It would be endless. The better presentation of the content the more likelihood of being read. I wish you all the best. Keep going, my friend. Florentino
ChristineDu1 Premium
Thanks Florentino! Today, I came across a new idea for a blog post, by accident, or fate, I was not looking for it, I was searching for something else, and there was a title for an article regarding burnout in an area that had not even occurred to me. so, I found one more topic. I will check some more and start working on videos too. A subdomain was also suggested, I could look into that too :-)
megawinner Premium
Welcome my dear. Ihave the feeing with a little effort on researching the topic on the internet you would have loads of ideas to develop.
Davidjg Premium
it really important that the choice of the niche comes from you.

A niche could be anything... it could be about your passion, your activities, etc.

but do not forget you will have to write content. So, if you choose a niche about something you hate , may be you will not be willing to write content.
AbieAJ Premium
Like Jim said start a subdomain and link it to the main.

Hope that was helpful, do let me know if you need anything else. Have a nice day.
ChristineDu1 Premium
Thank you, I'll look into it :-)
AmandaDenson Premium
It is possible you have already covered these ideas on your website already. But they are what came to mind.

You could write about what isn't helpful for burnout. You could write about misconceptions. You could write an article that would have all of these together and then possibly if there were enough material, have a separate post for each misconception to go into further detail.

I also like the idea of the videos.

ChristineDu1 Premium
Hi Amanda,

Common misconceptions is a good idea. I can create something with that :-)
Today I will write down a list of ideas for videos, and see what I come up with.