I just finished watching a training video by Jay and it turns out that he prefers Google docs to write his content. Written on Docs first and then paste - post.

Is there any difference to using a different source for writing your content besides the one provided here at WA. I imagine there are no differences to things like rankings and SEO etc?

What are peoples preferences for writing content?

Thank you!

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Carloeze Premium
Hello Dan. I think what works for you is better. However, using the editor at WA cannot be overstated. While it's not the very best of what it should be (it's getting better by the day), It can help starters get in line with the teaching of Kyle on content creation. It also helps your word count on WA, which is something every writer would want to use. My take is to use what works for you when writing, and finally, copy and paste on WA editor for posting.

I hope this helps, alongside the others great contributors here.

Cheers, Dan.
megawinner Premium
I like the site content. Because it has everything I need to arrange mt headings and images. 🟢🔵🟡💰🏆🥇👍
leoemery Premium
Whatever works for you. And no matter what you use - it has zero affect on SEO.
MoritzS Premium
It's just personal preference.
It won't have any impact on your rankings or SEO. But it can have an impact on quality. See below why.

Personally, I simply write in the WordPress editor on my website.

Trying to avoid distractions can help to keep in the flow.
So, if you are writing here at WA, you might have notifications going off at the top of your screen and that can distract you from writing.

I guess that's why Jay is using Google Docs.