Another question.

I'm finding it difficult to try to copy paste an entire table's contents from GoogleDocs to a table in Block Editor?

Is it possible to do this without entering data one-by-one in each cell (which can get very tedious if you have a lot of entries)?

If so, how do you do it?


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storynature Premium
Hi AbieAJ,

Thanks for the reply.

So it looks like you can't add or import data in one shot from tables made elsewhere like Excel or GoogleSheets or even GoogleDocs into a table in Block Editor, right?

But then, you have to add a plugin called TablePress to do it?

I thought Block Editor or Gutenberg was supposed to be made so we don't have to add plugins.

If that's the case, then it seems like the Block Editor tables fall short of that premise unless I'm missing something.

Am I correct in this assertion?

AbieAJ Premium Plus
It is not wise to import Google sheets or if docs pasted then in plain text because it adds additional code, if us we would not do that vs creating it fresh in editor.