For people doing the Bootcamp promoting WA, I heard somewhere that reviewing GPT (get-paid-to) sites and survey sites (then recommending WA) will bring in low conversions. Is this true?

The reasoning they say is that these reviews attract people who wants to make money quickly, and so WA won't be suitable for them. They say it's best to review make-money-online programs/scams instead. But don't those things attract the same type of people with get-rich-quick mindset?

For people who have success in the promoting WA niche, what is your take on this?

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Lev Premium
You're right, GPT has very low conversions for WA for the same reasons 'onmyownterms' mentioned below. You can still do reviews of them to get the traffic coming to your site, which still does help with overall rankings. You'd have the link to the Clickbank product but still recommend 'the real money making opportunity online (WA)'. Most are Clickbank type products, for example the online survey products, there are other similar products that you already know about.

You want to try to convince them that there is very little money in surveys for the time spent. Their time is valuable by spending the same amount of time they can build a real online business, that are not that difficult to set up, etc. You can see how it gets difficult to get them to do work. But it's the nature of the business, most don't want to do any work, which is why they most likely will sign up to try WA free but then don't end up upgrading. It's a numbers game, sometimes you get lucky. Definitely stick to the other make money online training programs to review first though.
MrKent Premium
I think with the survey site reviews I'll set up a CPA offer for them to sign up. I'm currently with MaxBounty which is a CPA network, and one of their campaigns is Swagbucks which is a GPT site, they offer $3.60 for sign up with email confirmation.

So with every GPT site review I do I can mention and internal link to the Swagbucks review and hopefully that will work out well. MaxBounty also has a couple of other GPT campaigns which I have already written reviews on. So I can just keep internal linking to them with every survey site or GPT site review I write.

But I'm not going to put all my eggs in one basket. So maybe I'll also do some make money online program reviews to mix it up as well.
tommmm111 Premium
I don't promote WA but I hope you get it right and choose the good conversions. We always have to check out the waters. Good luck,

onmyownterms Premium
My take on this is that the people who do the GPT and survey sites have no money and are looking for cash quickly any way they can get it. They won't convert because they CAN't convert (no money). Whereas, the make money online people are, in general, looking at programs that cost way more $ than WA. While the mindset of the people may be the same, at least they'll convert because WA is a less expensive opportunity than what they have looked at before.